Breast Cancer doesn’t just happen to women…

Recently, I have been thinking about Breast Cancer in a different light…for Men rather than women.

Be aware of the health of the men in your life and don’t be afraid to point out any lumps, bumps or changes in moles/freckles that you may notice…it may not be Breast Cancer, but it should be taken seriously and investigated.  After all is said and done, there are also other organs in that same area that should be considered, lungs, heart, trachea, skin…the list could go on!

Please take the time to read the link I have posted, be aware, just as we Women have to be aware. It may be rare, but it does happen.

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Bras after surgical intervention…

Angelina Jolie spoke recently about her double mastectomy and reconstruction…but, we didn’t jump on the bandwagon and talk about this on our website or social media channels.

The reasoning behind this, was that there are many thousands of women in the world who are having to go through these procedures, but just how many of them are able to have the finest surgeons and aftercare money can buy, to get them back on their feet again in the way Angelina has recently been?

We felt that this would be unrealistic and unfair to ‘push’ on the majority of our clients, who have so many things to take into account whilst they are going through such an invasive and exhausting time in their lives.  Granted there are those who are able to move on with their lives quite quickly, but often they have an incredible network of people around them who can, and do, take the pressure off, to give them the opportunity to heal and move forward as they need to.

I take my hat off to these amazing ladies who go through so much, and still come out the other side smiling!  We are also very privileged to be given the opportunity of creating for such amazing ladies, when they are far enough down the line from surgery, that they are able to think about pretty bras again!

One such lady to have gone through this journey, whom I am proud to call my friend, Elaine Godley has written the most heartfelt and moving book about her journey with breast cancer.  I felt so privileged to have been given such a personal insight into her life, and I would urge you all to take the time to download and read this book!  The small amount of money you spend on this purchase, will go to two charities very close to Elaine’s heart…all will become clear!

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Our next Swindon club meeting is on June 19th

In the beginning…a new challenge!

Where do you start, when you have so much to say about something you are passionate about?

To get started I am taking part in a blogging challenge! ‘They’ to coin a phrase my good friend Elaine Godley used…’whoever they are’, say that blog writing is easy, WordPress is simple…famous last words!  As I get familiar with this, you will see changes along the way…so watch this space and now…here come the words!

Some years ago I had an awful few weekends, going shopping for a bra to go underneath my gorgeous dress.  I was disappointed and distressed at the lack of well fitting bras, and worse the lack of empathy that I was getting from the various stores fitters.  It had to change…

I attended a specialist sewing course and learned the finer intricacies of bra making.  After many months of fine tuning the sewing techniques and learning pattern drafting, my partner and I finally created a bra that fitted me perfectly.

Now was the time to share this fabulous skill with the wider world, and develop a business that would give others the comfort that I had found.

And here we are…I don’t think about going to work, I think about the bras that we are creating each day.  I think about the discussions that the pattern drafter and I have about each clients needs and requirements, and how this is going to grow into a beautiful garment.

Our client ‘family’ is constantly growing and alongside that, our own team are also growing, it is a very exciting time…

If you have a query about how we do this, do explore our website and if you have any questions that you need answered, please do feel free to email me at ku.oc.elletifnull@ibed

For more information on I AM WOMAN and the current blogging challenge, check out

Our next Swindon club meeting is on June 19th